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An Introduction to Arepas

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Arepa: Pronounced [uh-re-pah]

So traditional… The arepa has been the main staple of the South American diet for thousands of years.

So delicious… People all over the world are now craving (and ordering) this one-of-a-kind taste.

So versatile… The arepa can be enjoyed with dozens of different toppings, stuffed with your favorite foods, and even eaten at any meal — including dessert!

A taste and texture like no other, the humble arepa is best described as a cross between a tortilla and a pancake. What’s clear, the arepa owes its taste and texture to the best white and yellow corn grown on Earth. But before the corn can hope to become an arepa, it undergoes a very labor-intensive process. (That’s the secret to the perfect arepa: the more love and attention the corn receives, the better the final product)

First, the corn is broken into Maiz Trillao (corn grit), shelled, and de-germed. Next, the corn grit is cooked, ground to masa (dough), flattened, and cut into patties. Finally, the arepas are grilled to a perfect golden brown. NOW, they’re ready to eat!

Arepas are as diverse as the people who make them. You can find arepas with cheese, sugar, and other ingredients. Yet, tradition holds true as the most popular arepas are made with 100% maize, called Arepas de Maiz (corn arepas). At Delicias Andinas we call them Arepas Antioqueñas — named after the beautiful province in Colombia where our original recipe and inspiration was born. Being our most popular arepas, we recommend you try them all.

Travel from country to country in South America, and you’ll experience a variety of arepas — all incorporating their unique recipes, preparation methods, thickness preferences, and types of corn.

The quality of corn grown in the United States is unmatched. The result: a superior, crunchy arepa. Today, arepas are quickly becoming a preferred taste in mainstream America — especially the Arepa de Queso (Cheese Arepa). Delicias Andinas has now been successfully pioneering the American arepa market for 20 years!