Arepas Always Fresh

Company Principles


You, the customer

It is our desire to convey to you, our customer, an understanding of who we are, what we value, and what you can expect from us.

After all, you may think the main ingredient in our arepas is our superior ground corn. Yet even more pronounced in every bite is our pride, commitment, and dedication to our family — and to you.

You see, we hold firm to our principles at Delicias Andinas. They establish the framework by which our company stands. These principles are the standard by which we make decisions and measure their results. We instill these principles in every member of our family owned and operated company and hold each person responsible for keeping them. Our hope is that our commitment to keeping these principles is abundantly clear in our products and in every way we serve you.


Our Company Principles:



Always take responsibility for our actions.


Always treat customers, vendors, and associates with equality and fairness.


Always act with the highest integrity.


Always show respect to everyone.


Always conduct ourselves in the most professional manner.